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✨Breathwork – the power of your breath

Using belly breathing to heal –

Using your breath to drop into your body –



✨Inner child work- coming back home to tend to yourself and your inner children

30 min inner child meditation-

10 min inner child meditation –

✨ Releasing energy/screams into a pillow!! This you tube video is great at explaining it

✨ Chakra Vocal Toning – this feels soooo good!! Open block chakras- feel into what needs your attention

10 min chakra toning-

30 min chakra toning-

✨ Cord cutting –


✨Self love- nothing is wrong with you- it’s deeper than food – lean into yourself – once you stop blaming food a new world opens up- this course changed my life – use code RACHEL50 for $50 off-



✨Self love podcast- the goddess activation podcast – Nikita helps your reclaim your body and sexuality –



✨People pleasing – Kallie Klug- your own medicine podcast –



✨Conscious communication- Laura Neal explains how powerful conscious communication is- This is some great throat chakra work-



✨Freedom of loving your imperfections with Peter Crone & Vylana – this is one of the most powerful podcast I have ever listened too –

✨ Stone healing –

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