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Rachel Ribis (Bilodeau)

Intuitive Reiki Practitioner & Inner Child Facilitator in Burlington, VT 

Rachel is an intuitive and reiki practitioner who focuses on inner child work and embodiment therapy. Rachel's deep connection to your inner child helps you shift through your shadows and guide you back home to yourself and your truth in a soft beautiful way. She works with many guides including Ixchel the Mayan Goddess of the moon, pregnancy, water and medicine, as well as Sekhmet the Egyptian Goddess of the hot desert sun, chaos, war, and healing and she works alongside the Cheetah. Rachel comes from a lineage of Shamans in the Philippines. She loves helping others see the magic, beauty and gifts from the parts of them that may feel overwhelming. 


My curiosity is something that has always led the way for me. My healing journey started when I found a chiropractor that does NET work, which is a form of muscle testing. Having him talk with my subconscious mind and those emotions going back to childhood had me so intrigued. I found my subconscious mind and body had a lot of emotions for me to tend too. 


I have struggled with a deep mother wound, self love & body issues, not feeling good enough, control issues from not feeling safe, anger from not wanting to be vulnerable, lack of boundaries, people pleasing, & emotional eating. I had a lot of healing to work through. I spoke very poorly to myself without realizing it. When I was anxious I was putting myself into a fight or flight daily. I needed to tend to these emotions and my body was so ready. My mind though was afraid but when I got past the fear with breath work my transformation was so beautiful. Through reiki my journey went the fastest. I was uncovering parts of me I had hidden away! My transformation was more about meeting more of myself and loving the parts I shamed.


Doing shadow work, mirror work and finding so much self love and acceptance of myself I came back home to myself. I am such an emotional person and when I saw my emotions as gifts and not a curse I was able to lean into them and not abandon myself. It’s been such a mind blowing and beautiful journey coming back home to myself. I could not be more grateful to have found my reiki teach and mentor. It has changed my life in so many ways. 

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