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“Rachel is my sister and she’s always felt a lot. It wasn’t until her finding her passion of being a reiki practitioner that her sensitivity to others truly became a blessing and a gift as it helps to guide her in reiki. This sensitivity allows her to feel where to put the healing energy and how much making for a deeply comfortable, safe, relaxing and releasing feeling. Her energy is grounded, loving and nurturing. What’s most fun to witness and experience is her ability to intuitively connect with my inner child that really needed to be feel, seen and heard in order to start a deep healing process from within. Rachel gave me SPOT ON guidance on how to help tend to my inner child and shared with me the wisdom they had for me which was truly the guidance I needed in my life that time. Rachel is truly magical and I highly recommend her!”

– Rhonda Bilodeau

“Rachel just has a way about her, her energy is so calming and authentic that when she said she was doing Reiki, I jumped at a chance to do a session with her. Im so glad that I did!! I had been going through a lot, and throughout the session I could feel myself relax. By the end I felt lighter. I struggle sometimes to put things into words, but I would describe my session with Rachel as a beautiful release.”

– Melissa Smith


“I have seen several different reiki practitioners over the years and cannot recommend Rachel enough! Her ability to guide you into settling in and opening up allows her gift of intuition to truly help you. She has helped me discover and work through years of repressed trauma in just a few sessions. While each appointment is a little different depending on whether she does a body scan or inner child work, each time I leave feeling understood, enlightened, and restored. I will continue to see Rachel as often as I can and you should too!”

– Andrea Parikh

“Rachel’s relational way of being immediately put me at ease before the reiki session even started. Her natural intuitive abilities and care and compassion made the whole experience really special and I left feeling supported, appreciated and generally more open. She helped move some stuck energies in a gentle way and knew when to push and when to let go. Rachel may have just started her professional reiki journey but it feels as though she’s been doing it all her life.”

– Courtney


“My reiki experience with Rachel was pretty amazing. I came to her stressed and a little down. By the end of the session I felt like things have moved though my body. I saw different colors associated with my chakras and this strengthened my belief in this practice and that it truly works. I left feeling energized and lighter…..”

– Joanie


“I have had a reiki session once before many many years ago, and some reiki during restorative yoga workshops but Rachel takes it to the next level. Feeling safe and held. Knowing you are literally in the hands of a deep healer who connects with your mind, body & spirit helping you to release, reset and heal. i LOVED my session with Rachel and will make Reiki with her part of my future wellness practices. She is real, talented, authentic and deeply connected.”

-Jennifer DeGeorge


“My reiki session with Rachel was simply incredible! She has such a gift in that she can quickly connect to the inner child within each of us, and hold space in a nurturing & safe way. It was easy to surrender to the process with her as a trusted guide. I can’t wait to book my next session!”

– Kim Cleary


“My reiki session with Rachel was incredibly healing. To know Rachel is to feel a peaceful, calm force, so I had no hesitation to book a session even though I knew nothing about reiki. I came to her broken. I recently had a baby and the day of my session was not a great one. I came to her literally unable to stop crying. She held me in a safe space and allowed me to work through my emotions on the table. I cannot wait to try again. Rachel is a gift and gifted in this practice.” – Jessica Hannon


“I highly recommend Rachel! I had a session today, and I will definitely have another one. Today, I didn’t know what to expect. I was able to feel so many feelings while feeling so relaxed and at peace! Thank you Rachel! I’m excited to see where this new experience takes me!”

-Melissa Wood

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